FGE responds to CEAPP’s request for information

Xalapa, 03 April 2017.- Due to a letter provided by the Journalist protection and attention commission (CEAPP in Spanish), the past ninth of March The State’s General Prosecution office (FGE in Spanish) has fixated a posture of respect toward the situation, however, according to the law it will stick to continue keeping the information that attempts against the security of the State or individuals.
In compliance to the formality, the FGE gave opportune response to a solicitation emitted by the CEAPP last February, in which it quoted and pointed out the articles and sections that base and protect the safekeeping of information which could affect the safety of the victims of a process and or security of the State and therefore, affect the due process and tip the balance toward the incapacity to defend the affected.
To that effect, it’s clear the laudable mission that the CEAPP is pursuing, which principal function is to protect journalists from supposed acts of violence; however, exceeds its competence by referring or demanding and interfere in subjects of security and justice; specially if with its exhort it procures the disclosure of breaches of human rights, interposing interests for particulars over those of the public.
The exercise of transparency of the doings and procuration of justice in the State of Veracruz is guaranteed and endorsed by the answers given by the inner organization of access to information to solicitors. The General Prosecution Office of State seeks justice for every Veracruzan, co-national and foreigners who come soliciting their services, without distinction and with strict application of the law and its diffusion politics, to exercise the contrary would be breaking the law.


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